For example, he’s directed a few residents to the business plan that shows the profit of $200,000 a year for the next four years will go directly back into the program through fixing signage and striping. While Johannes and other commenters have mentioned an $800,000 profit, there will be no profit as every single dollar is reinvested, Machado said. “It’s what’s needed to run the program,” he said following a reference to the first figure proposed to the public of $100 per resident permit. “We’re very close to a breakeven point… (which is) in the high $60s. We cut it pretty tight.” Additionally, the mention of automated license plate readers and their effects on personal privacy came up at both February meetings, reappearing in the petition. Just as the city of Santa Cruz has parking enforcement officers who manually enter license plates into ParkMobile, used in lots such as the upper parking in Capitola Village, Live Oak Parking Program officers will put the numbers and letters in themselves to see whether it matches a record in the database. Finally, a few residents who have emailed supervisors and staff and forwarded to local media have alleged that expansions to the region the program affects will take place immediately. This simply isn’t true, Machado said. First, the county has to obtain a new developmental permit from the California Coastal Commission, which will take several months. Pushing the program out to Pleasure Point and Opal Cliffs, and according to an application to the county’s Planning Commission , even further out to south county coastal areas like La Selva Beach, will take at least seven years. All in all, the department is agnostic about the Board’s vote, Machado said. “We are honestly trying to do what the people want and what we think is the best for the people. If it’s true that the people just don’t want the program, then I think the board should say no and shut it down,” he said. “People need to be fully aware it is a very consequential decision. I fear that the very vocal people are coming out against it and there might be a more silent group that wants and needs the program.” A no vote would put the development permit application to the Coastal Commission in jeopardy. It would not totally eliminate the chance, however, that the program comes back after a re-energization of residents. “We would cover up all the signs and we would probably continue to do community outreach through District 1 .


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Murrayville-Woodson police officer Patrick McKinnon (middle) received the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Life Saving Award during the Woodson Village Board meeting Monday, April 5. McKinnon was credited with saving the life of Thomas Lair after his truck flipped on Murrayville Road on March 26. At left is Murrayville-Woodson police chief Derek Suttles and at right is FOP State Lodge Awards Chair Jerry Lieb. [Fraternal Order of Police/ David Blanchette] More news: Lincoln Land CC student newspaper wins seven first-place awards at statewide competition A nurse and others who had stopped by the scene helped revive Lair, who was flown to HSHS St. John's Hospital in Springfield by helicopter. Lair, reached late last week, said he felt fine after the ordeal, though some recent errand-running, including buying another truck, had left him tired. Lair insisted he was going back to his job as an asset protection customer host "soon." Last Monday, McKinnon was presented with the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Life Saving Award during the Woodson Village Board meeting. FOP state lodge awards chairman Jerry Lieb, who presented the award, told McKinnon it was "a good start to a career." Asked last week about his takeaway from the rescue, McKinnon, who did blast recoveries as a Marine wrecker operator in Afghanistan, was more reflective. "It can happen in a split second," McKinnon said. "Life is really fragile. Like a wine glass in a hurricane." Thomas Lair had no reason to believe his trip home from Jacksonville the afternoon of Mar. 26 would be any different from any of the other thousands of times he had driven that stretch of highway. Lair's family had moved to Jacksonville from Minnesota in 1970. Through friends, Lair started "hanging around" Murrayville in the mid to late 1970s.  Lair and his wife, Judy, got married in Jacksonville in 1981, then moved to Roodhouse, also in Morgan County, in 1982, before a cool way to improve landing in Murrayville in 1991. Lair, ironically, drove for several trucking firms for nearly 25 years — his father was also a trucker — before having to give it up for health reasons in 2019. "Spotless," assured Lair. "No tickets. No wrecks. No CSA (compliance, safety and accountability) points. Nothing." As Lair left Walmart that day, he told a co-worker, Tori, to be careful going home, mindful of the recent rain. "He said, 'You be careful going home. Don’t let anything happen to you,'" Lair recalled his co-worker telling him. Murrayville-Woodson police chief Derek Suttles admitted that part of 267, sometimes called Old 67, has "a tricky little curve.