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Last month, Secretary of State Bill Gardner proposed a process to conduct the audit, which he said would be New Hampshire’s first in the 45 years he has been serving as the state’s top election official. “New Hampshire elections are safe, secure, and reliable,” Sununu said in a statement after signing the amended bill ( SB 43 ). “Out of the hundreds of thousands of ballots cast this last year, we saw only very minor, isolated issues — which is proof our system works,” Sununu said. “This bill will help us audit an isolated incident in Windham and keep the integrity of our system intact.” Gardner and Windham conservative activist Ken Eyring came up with a process that would require a team of hand-picked forensic analysts to examine the four AccuVote machines used to count ballots in Windham. Among the potential analysts were two experts, Col. Phil Waldron and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, who were involved in challenging the results of presidential voting in several states last fall. The forensic audit would take place at the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council complex in Concord and be accessible to the public. The plan calls for all ballots to be run through these four machines and for analysts to examine tapes from those machines. The plan also includes a hand count of two races on the ballot in Windham other than the state representative contest at issue. Last week, the Senate voted 24-0 to support the changes Gardner proposed for the final bill. “We are pleased that the Senate and the House have reached agreement on this important and timely piece of legislation,” said Sen. James Gray, R-Rochester, who chairs the Senate Election and Municipal Affairs Committee. “Ensuring the integrity of our election process is one of the most important responsibilities we have as legislators,” Gray said. The controversy in Windham began after a recount in the race for the town’s fourth House seat between Republican Julius Soti and Democrat Kristi St. Laurent. St. Laurent requested the recount after Soti was declared the winner by 24 votes on election night. With the recount, Soti’s margin of victory grew to 424 votes. The recount also uncovered about 300 more votes for all four House Republican candidates.


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COVID-19 vaccine The expansion will allow over 10,000 vaccines doses to be administered weekly, the health department said in a news release. “Expanding vaccination clinics at the Expo Center allows us to helpful site serve more people. As we are seeing cases rise across the state and in Kalamazoo County, it is in our best interest to vaccinate as many people as we can, as quickly as we can. By combining our resources, we are able to accomplish that,” said Jim Rutherford, Health Officer of Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services Department. All Michiganders age 16 years and older are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services Department along with healthcare system partners, Ascension Borgess Hospital, Bronson Healthcare, Family Health Center, and WMed Health have partnered together throughout the COVID-19 pandemic response, the health department said in a news release. Equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccine is the focus of the joint vaccination strategy in Kalamazoo County. The health department said organizations are collaborating to ensure vaccinations are provided in a variety ways to residents and will focus vaccination efforts in the following ways: ● Ascension Borgess Hospital, Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services Department and WMed Health will combine efforts to expand mass vaccination clinics held at the Kalamazoo County Expo Center. People 16 years and older may schedule a vaccination appointment online through the county’s self-scheduling system. Appointments are released on Mondays at 7am, 12pm and 5pm at www.kalcounty.com/covid19vaccine . New appointments may be added after Monday and throughout the week as residents may cancel existing appointments. Residents with limited internet access are encouraged to call the COVID-19 Call Center at 269-373-5200 for assistance in scheduling appointments. Please note, those under the age of 18 may only schedule a Pfizer vaccine appointment. A parent or guardian must also accompany minors at the vaccination clinic. ● Bronson Healthcare will continue to register people 16+ through its MyChart online system at mychart.bronsonhealth.com . Those unable to use MyChart can call Bronson’s COVID-19 Vaccine Call Center at (269) 220-3970. Once on the registry, Bronson will notify individuals when it is their turn to schedule a vaccine appointment based on prioritization criteria. For details visit bronsonhealth.com/covid19vaccine . ● Family Health Center (FHC) continues to ensure access to vaccines for Kalamazoo County residents focusing on equitable and inclusive services. Community outreach clinics will continue in specific geographic locations including churches, homeless shelters, shared housing and schools.